LLC MONTAZA DJUKIC MONT emerged from a small craft shop SZR MONTAZA DJUKIC and started to work and services 01.04.1994.

Now, as a company that provides services in the following parts production areas, installation and overhaul of steam boilers in thermal power plants, industrial plants, steam, gas and hot water pipelines, steel structures.

Today DOO Montaža Đukić Mont has a capacity of 100 workers in employment, of which:

  • 10 Welders Argon Electro Combination with Attestation
  • 10 locksmith, isometric tuber
  • 45 KV and VK locksmith installers
  • 20 Electric and CO2 welders with appropriate attestation
  • 10 carpets
  • 10 armors
  • 15 masons

If necessary, investors invest far more workforce with the necessary tool for over 100 workers for work on facilities of power plants, refineries and mining pipelines construction and final construction works.

Our company also owns the JUS ISO 9001: 2008 Certificate, and we also have good cooperation with certification houses that are of great help because they direct us to work properly within European norms that are increasingly demanding in terms of quality and safety at work.

With its experience in all these years DOO Montaža Djukic Mont working as a subcontractor on the domestic market and smaller facilities in Montenegro, with its high quality, highlights its quality, accuracy and reliability.

DOO Montaža Djukic Mont invests in the strength of human resources, equipment and tools in order to remain a reliable partner in strategic affairs in the future both in the country and abroad.